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Usefulness of toolboxes

In addition to being very useful, they are pleasant to observe and can be placed in any corner of the garden, or rather they are more beautiful and more convenient to place them on sight especially if they are treated properly. Especially if in wood, in fact, the toolboxes need continuous maintenance so that they do not get damaged. It is precisely the wooden house which, besides being very comfortable, is the one that strikes the most because it looks just like a miniature house. Formed from wooden slats, it is waterproof without losing the rusticity that the material with which it was built, inevitably gives. Of two precise dimensions, these pleasing elements are very useful to those who constantly practice gardening because they can put all their work tools in order without keeping them scattered in the hidden corners of the garden. Rakes, shovels and pallets should be stored away from prying eyes, in a shelter together with gloves, watering cans and garden pumps. For those who do not have a garage, there is also the largest size useful for storing not only equipment but also to protect bicycles, mopeds and possibly strollers or prams.

Double use of the tool box

Enough roomy enough to be able to contain shelves, the house with larger dimensions, is the one that if the green space allows, it becomes a sort of hobby room, a kind of shelter where you can spend free time to give space to your creativity . Excellent for example, for those who want to give themselves to the hobby of painting, for those who want to enjoy a moment of relaxation of their own, for those who love making DIY jobs. There are people who have enough land available, they have two small tool sheds mounted in the garden, a small one in which to store various equipment and stuff with order and another that they use as a cottage in the true sense of the word. It is all feasible with little expense because furniture and accessories are used that may have been lying in the attic for quite some time. On the floor, a rug is placed to make the environment more welcoming and then old sofas, straw chairs and storage cabinets, give the house a rather homely look. Where there is a window, crocheted curtains are placed and a small plant hanging on the windowsill. In short, a small comfortable environment is created where you can spend a few hours in absolute serenity. The place, thanks to the waterproofed structure, is suitable for storing paint jars, pieces of plywood, sheets for decoupage and so on. Moisture will not interfere with any of the do-it-yourself jobs because the house is made in such a way that it does not suffer damage from atmospheric agents.

PVC tool box

While the wooden house has a different impact and serves as an additional element to the garden, the plastic one, from a different effect, appears much colder and impersonal but, moreover, it is a tool house and it is necessary to give much more weight to the functionality rather than to beauty. This element requires very little maintenance. The plastic is usually of excellent manufacture, usually made of PVC and without the addition of any ferrous element. It can be fitted easily and the doors usually with two doors allow the entry of even very large tools. Undoubtedly more comfortable than the wooden house, this one is also absolutely solid and resists weathering very well because it is built in such a way as to avoid rain infiltration. It is not necessary, however, to anchor it to the ground otherwise it is necessary to declare it to the municipal technical office of the town to which it belongs. Moreover, its assembly is extremely easy and therefore does not require fixing in the ground. A very precise instruction kit will provide the exact indications to fit and assemble the various parts with extreme safety. It is ultimately a truly functional solution. However, at this point, ask yourself a question. Despite the different characteristics, despite the very different aesthetics of the two houses, despite the solidity of the two elements is perfectly equal, which is worth buying at this point. We say that the choice is personal. While there tool shed of wood is actually of a more pleasant appearance, the one in PVC is much more functional even if it appears more impersonal. Without taking anything away from the second one, the first house, from the possibility of being able to carry out do-it-yourself jobs even very noisy as it is soundproofed and with a high sound insulation so if you want, you can also use the drill or other noisy components, without causing damage to neighbors' hearing. As for the conservation of objects, both are solid and robust and do not allow infiltration of rainwater. But as we mentioned earlier, while the former needs extreme care and maintenance to keep it in an optimal state, the PVC one requires almost zero adjustments. As for the costs, the wooden house costs slightly more than the PVC one. To you the choice!

For DIY enthusiasts

Now we come to please DIY enthusiasts who can very well build their own tool shed alone and of course in wood. The panels that will be used must be made of fir wood and can be bought in any center of the world by having them cut to size by the employee who will do it with care and precision so there is no need even to fiddle with various saws and files. Everything will be presented already ready and of the size you want. Seven panels will be prepared for the formation of floor, walls and roof. First you have to decide the dimensions to give to the house and with those, you will have the pieces of fir panel cut. Then it will be necessary to drill the holes that will be used for windows and the door. These holes will later be used to join the frames using heavy bolts. However, before nailing the panels, you need to paint them in a color of your choice, possibly waterproof. It is always and however necessary, to use impregnating agents that keep the moths away. Always in the brico center at the paint department, you will find acrylic colors for wood in a wide range and wide bristle brushes suitable for the purpose. After painting the panels and letting them dry completely, you can proceed with assembly. It is important to place under the roof beams, a slate tarpaulin that will be nailed with short nails with a wide head. Locks and handles will complete the job. If over the years and despite the constant maintenance, the house has been invaded by woodworms, it is necessary to proceed to a fumigation operation which consists in spreading the smoke of some cartridges, in the environment where the woodworms have nested. This system allows the elimination of all the insects present in the environment including the larvae but be careful, because the woodworms are able to nest in the wood and dig deep tunnels and tunnels. The wood is gradually reduced to dust and the house runs the risk of crumbling. At this point it is necessary to brush the wood panels. With essence of turpentine or oil. In this way, not only will the problem be eliminated but it will be avoided later, that it will be repeated. It is important to clarify, as far as fumigation is concerned, that the fumes of the cartridges are very harmful so it is good to get information and buy those that have less risk. There are two types. One is made up of a box that contains substances such as kythenotrin and through the addition of water, it gives off a curtain of smoke that kills insects. The other solution is the use of smoke bombs that release into the environment, through a combustion process, toxic gases for insects.

Garden sheds: tool sheds

What better solution than tool sheds to always guarantee a very important added value to your green corner? In a context of this kind, where disorder tends to dominate often, this product can give you crucial support, not only unlike what is usually thought, as regards the physical protection of tools.
Using a small house specially designed for their storage, in fact, in addition to extending their life cycle, it will finally be possible to optimize their own time, considering that we will finally know where to look specifically for all the products that could be useful from time to time. Carefully evaluate a similar solution.
  • Tool shed

    The tool sheds are very useful because they allow you to have a space outside where you can place several

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