Propagate bulbs by division

Propagate bulbs by division

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Propagate bulbs by division:

Bulb, tuber or rhizome plants can also be propagated by division of this underground organs; this type of propagation has the advantage of maintaining the characteristics of the flower intact and, moreover, 3-4 new plants can be obtained from a single bulb, tuber or rhizome.
We proceed by unearthing the bulb, or tuber or rhizome and washing it carefully, so as to better observe its shape.
With a clean and sharp grafting knife we ​​proceed by cutting our tuber into small pieces, not too small; It is essential that every piece of tuber has a bud inside it, or that every piece of rhizome has some part of filamentous root. As for the bulbs, this type of propagation is carried out only with bulbs with fleshy scales (lilies, fritillaries), and they are divided simply by removing the individual scales with the hands.
Once we have obtained our portions, sprinkle them with a fungicide and place them in a good slightly damp soil, to be kept in a bright but not excessively sunny place.