Transplant a walnut tree

Transplant a walnut tree

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Question: transplant a walnut tree

I have a walnut tree (diameter about 10 meters) to renovate a building I am forced to move, will it survive the explant? thanks

Answer: transplant a walnut tree

Dear Marco,
walnuts are majestic trees, which over time can become very large; the botanical name is Juglans regia and they originate from Asia, even if their cultivation in Europe dates back to millennia ago: already the ancient ones knew the fruits of the walnut and used them in the kitchen. These trees tend to produce a very tall stem, with a wide crown, which tends to develop starting from the upper quarter of the stem; in order to keep the walnut trees upright they produce a beautiful tap-root radical part; this means that their roots depart from a robust and vigorous central root, which sinks perpendicularly to the ground. Your tree is already quite large, and therefore the displacement will only succeed if you manage to extract a good amount of the root system from the ground. So, get ready to practice a deep and wide excavation, because if you leave most of the roots in the ground, your tree will have little chance of surviving; before moving it from its location, it is also advisable to prune it. The roots carry water and mineral salts to the foliage: more foliage is present on the plant, and more water evaporates from the leaves; therefore if you can prune the plant before explanting, at the time of planting in another soil the plant will have less water needs, and therefore it will have the possibility to reconstitute the roots, before many new branches and leaves develop. In essence, this is what is done by plant growers when they harvest old olive trees: to allow the plants to survive they prune them, so that the roots must bring water to a smaller number of leaves. In addition to this, prepare the planting hole in advance, where your walnut will be placed, and move it immediately into it, with a good, very well drained soil. Lastly, remember that the movements of trees and shrubs from the ground are preferably done in autumn, or at the end of winter, when the plants are not in full vegetative growth; this is because if you take a plant out of the ground in spring, even leaving it for half a day without water is too much stress, which quickly leads to death.


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