Almost dead again

Almost dead again

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Question: almost dead again

I am looking for help, 3 weeks ago I planted 3 plants 1.5 m high in my garden. as they were in the vase I inserted them in the earth.
To all today I have 3 wilted plants of leaves and flowers and I do not do anything else to make them resume watering regularly 2 times a week abundantly on the advice of the nurseryman ... I ask all of you for help !!!!!!
you also tell me how to insert photos ...

Answer: almost dead again

Dear Carlina,
usually moving plants from the pot to the full ground is always advantageous for the plants themselves, as they pass from a condition of constriction, with little space available, to a better condition, where their root system has all the space it desires; all the more so when it comes to climbing plants, which have to produce a broad and well-branched root system to develop better. The problem is perhaps due to the soil present in the plant holes; usually, when burying shrubs or creepers, it is good practice to prepare large planting holes, in which we will work the soil well, mixing it with little fertilizer (better to avoid excesses in this phase, as the roots will come into direct contact with the soil, and if this is too rich in mineral salts you risk burning them) and stirring the garden soil with universal, soft and fresh soil; in the case of ricosperno we will also add a little sand, or pumice stone, to increase drainage and make the soil even more loose. Being full summer, as you said, it is good to leave the bread of roots contained in the undisturbed jar, carefully inserting it in this fresh and loose soil. As soon as we have buried the plants, we immediately water abundantly; then water every time the soil is well dry. It is not possible to give general rules: tomorrow, when your plants will be in the ground for a long time, they might not even be watered; but today, which have been buried for a short time, they do not yet have roots that stretch to taste, they love only the small root system that you saw in the vase; therefore they must be watered every time the soil is well dry, without exceeding, without watering if the soil does not dry, but also without leaving the dried plants for days. At the same time, we will have to avoid excesses, and check, before watering, that the soil is well dry, to prevent the development of very damaging water stagnations. If you water every two weeks, and the ground remains damp for so long in the summer, or water it with too much water, or the soil where you planted it is too clayey and heavy.


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