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Question: fruit trees


Answer: fruit trees

Dear Vincenzo,
in fact the mandarin and the apricot are trees of contained size, which generally do not exceed 4-5 meters in height, with crowns that maintain a similar diameter; if then they are pruned like in the orchards, surely a small flowerbed can be enough to contain them both, considering however that the flowerbed is in a very sunny area and that it has no walls around.
However, he considers that the two trees have quite different cultivation requirements, as the apricot is also grown in the Po Valley, and therefore is well resistant to winter cold and also to short periods of drought, whereas mandarin is an evergreen tree, enough delicate, which fears frost (especially if intense and prolonged) and requires regular watering, sometimes even in winter. The biggest problem is precisely in the quantity of water: the mandarin will need watering even when the apricot is in complete vegetative rest, even without leaves. Excesses of water in the soil at this time of year can irreparably ruin the root system of the apricot. Therefore, it would be advisable to keep the two saplings far enough apart, or the cultivation treatments applied to one, in time they would favor the development of parasites on the other tree.
It would therefore be advisable to evaluate the possibility of placing two small fruit trees with similar needs, such as a peach and an apricot, or a mandarin and a lemon, in the flowerbed; such a flowerbed would certainly give you less headaches.


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