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Apricot and apple tree

Apricot and apple tree

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Question: apricot and apple tree

given that I am a beginner, can you kindly help me with two problems I have encountered on my trees?
FIRST last year I planted an apricot tree, it went very well until flowering, the fruits blossomed now it has lost all the leaves and the fruits have remained very small (seems dead) can I save it?
SECOND I have an apple tree that has only put the leaves without flowers, but I realized that there is a hole in the trunk and by inserting a piece of wire it inserted itself very much inside breaking practically half of the trunk. Can I still save it? form of prevention for this ?? thanks in advance, best regards.

Answer: apricot and apple tree

Dear Diego,
I state that most of the fruit trees show particular symptoms in the first years of development, due to the fact that in spring, despite very contained root systems, they must prepare leaves, shoots, fruits, roots, and all in a few weeks; therefore it often happens of plants that produce very few fruits, few leaves, deformed branches, above all in the cases in which they have not been able to find in the ground mineral salts suitable for their development. A total defoliation of the plant is a very special event, almost certainly due to cultural problems; the first one I think about, and which I think is quite probable, is that your apricot has been over-watered, so as to keep the soil always soaked with water. The roots also practice gas exchange with the ground, if they live in very wet and compact soils, such exchanges become impossible, and the roots die of asphyxiation. If the plant has now lost all its leaves, the only thing you can do is stop watering, to see if it recovers, but the odds are low; In the case of your apple tree, these are insects that eat wood, generally called rodilegno. These insects are eradicated by filling the galleries they produce with an insecticide product, so that the insect is killed quickly.
As for the apricot tree, the hopes that can be saved are decidedly low, because after such strong stress it is difficult for a young plant to be able to start vegetating again; in the case of apple trees instead, using a special product for woodland animals, you should be able to eradicate it without inconvenience.


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