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Yucca with yellow leaves

Yucca with yellow leaves

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How to cure yellowed leaves?

I have my plant full of yellow leaves on the tip, can I cut them?

Yucca with yellow leaves: Answer: the yucca foliage

Dear Roberto,
often the yucca leaves turn yellow on the tip due to the fact that the plant lives in an excessively dry climate; therefore, it is possible to remove the apex of the leaves, using a very well sharpened scissor, which must be cleaned and sterilized after each cut (so that it is not a vehicle for diseases), but it will also be necessary to modify the cultivation conditions, to avoid that the phenomenon repeats itself. The yuccas do not need large watering, and for the entire cold period they are watered only sporadically, while during the summer they supply water only when the soil is decidedly dry; in case of doubt, it is better to avoid watering, rather than watering excessively. What the yuccas do love is a fresh and moist air; in fact they can easily be grown even in the garden, even in the case of slight frosts. If you cultivate at home during the winter the air will be excessively dry due to the heating system, and during the summer it will be too dry due to the hot and sultry climate that characterizes the Italian summer. To increase the environmental humidity in the home it is necessary to periodically vaporize the foliage, using demineralized water, so as not to stain the leaves. The yellowing of the leaves may also be due to other factors; for example excesses or deficiencies of fertilizers, or excesses or lack of watering. If it is simply the tip of the leaves that darkens and dries, but otherwise the plant is fine, with leathery leaves and a stiff stem, then perhaps it receives little water, or needs some fertilization.


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