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Question: wire

What is wire? how do you position yourself and what is its function? I have had a ficus retusa for some months and have no experience in this regard. thanks

Answer: wire

Dear Keofle,
as you well know, bonsai are trees and shrubs, cultivated so that they remain small in size, but also so that they grow as if they were old trees, with branches that grow in a harmonious and pleasant way, similar to what would happen to a large tree in nature, after several decades of development. To do this, various techniques are implemented, such as cultivation in small and shallow pots, pruning and defoliation. Among these techniques there is also that of the metal wire. It is a particular thread, particularly malleable, which is wrapped around the branches whose trend is to be modified; once the wire is rolled, bending the branches slightly, the wire itself allows you to keep them in the position we want; after a certain period of time (ranging from weeks to months), the wire is raised and the branch keeps its shape naturally. This bonsai technique is not suitable for beginners, as errors can be many and showy: the threads of the thread must be positioned correctly, otherwise the thread itself, with the growth of the branches, penetrates the bark, leaving indelible scars, definitely very unsightly. There are also different bonsai wires, produced with different materials, and of different diameters; only the eye of the expert bonsai artist is able to understand which is the best thread to use. You can find out about bonsai annuals to understand how the ficus ligation works better; even a good bonsai artist can show you how to practice this technique, and how to affix the wire correctly. The ficus that is best suited to the branches of the ficus is the aluminum one, which is more "soft" than that of copper or other materials; it is placed on the branches at any time of the year, although sometimes they are not recommended for use in the spring, when the plant tends to develop very quickly. Always avoid wrapping the thread too tightly around the branches of a ficus, because the bark is very thin, and tends to be easily marked.


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